Thanks to all the lads that replied and yourself............sometimes you think of things that happened way back when and then wonder if your mind is playing tricks. It's nice to know that at least some of my faculties are operating normally. Its strange how these last few weeks have jogged some very fond memories....................


The name of Derek Clow raised one of them............although I was a young CEM, I was given a spell in ER's and BR's. Derek decided that we needed to check the insulation on a particular circuit which could only be accessed from a Distribution box on the rear of the main gearbox and under the shaft. The ship was at sea and steaming so Derek and I climbed into a small space under the plates with the shaft turning above us. The DB was opened and Derek passed me the Metrohm (machine to put 500volts through cables) saying 'When I nod press the triggger.'  Well I thought he had nodded but needless to say the electrical shock he recieved and the bang on the head as he hit the shaft did not please Derek................We climbed three decks very quietly and entered H switchboard where the sliding door was thrown shut and I backed into the space where the breakers lived. I was then subject to some time honoured naval discipline and learned many valuable still brings a smile to my face as I sit thinking about it now. 



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