Able Seaman (Gunner) A H “Harry” Robinson


When HMS Mohawk, as part of the 14th Destroyer Flotilla, attacked the Italian Fleet in the Battle of Calabria (8th July 1940) Harry’s Action Station was the Eversheds Bearing Indicator on the Port side of the Bridge.


During the action, against the Italian ships, that resulted in the loss of HMS Mohawk (15th April 1941) Harry was closed up in "B" Turret and along with the other gunners in "B" turret and the gunners in "A" Turret engaged the enemy, even though the Mohawk was on fire and sinking, until ordered to abandon ship.


Harry survived the war and left the Royal Navy as a Chief Petty Officer, he now resides in Seaham, County Durham.




Harry Robinson far right.



Harry France 9th March 1947.


Who and Harry, Hong Kong.


Harry now.