James Miller was born to James Miller & Mary Graham in Whitby, Yorkshire in 1908 the eldest of three children. His father, an Ironstone Miner in Cleveland was killed in a mining accident when James was only 2. James worked as a Rivet Heater after leaving school and joined the RN in 1924 as a Boy 2nd class at HMS Impregnable. He married Rachel Williams in 1931 at Grangetown and was father to four children.  He was home ported in Portsmouth and Rachel moved south from Middlesbrough to join him. All the children were born in Portsmouth. He was awarded the DSM on 5th August 1941 for his actions while serving in HMS Mohawk after the ship was sunk by the Italian destroyer Tarigo off the coast of North Africa. James left the navy in March 1948 and worked at Fort Southwick until finally retiring in June 1974 and passed away some few months later.