The first HMS Mohawk, was a 6 gun sloop, launched in the Canadian Lakes in 1756.  She was captured by the French in 1756.The second Mohawk was also launched on the Canadian lakes, in 1759 and was an 18 gun sloop.  She was lost in 1764. The third Mohawk, also 18 gun sloop was purchased in 1782 and sold in 1783.  HMS Mohawk number four was a schooner built in 1795 and condemned in 1803.  The fifth HMS Mohawk was known to be in service in 1798.  The sixth HMS Mohawk, an 18 gun brig July 1813.  There is a reference to a HMS Mohawk, launched in Bideford in October 1813, renamed Ontario 1813 and sold 1852.  The seventh HMS Mohawk was a paddle vessel, launched on the Canadian Lakes in 1843, sold in 1852. The eighth HMS Mohawk, wooden screw gun vessel of 879 tons launched in January 1856. Sold to the Emperor of China in 1862 as Pekin.

The ninth HMS MOHAWK was Twin Screw Cruiser, 3rd Class, displacing 1770 Tons, capable of 16 knots with a complement of 172: she was armed with 6 x 6 inch guns; 8 x 3 pounders; and three torpedo tubes. In 1890 she was based at Sheerness, having just been built, but in later years was to serve time on the South Atlantic, Australian, Mediterranean, China, and East Indies Stations.

HMS Mohawk number 9.

The tenth HMS MOHAWK was built by Whites in 1907 as a Torpedo Boat Destroyer of 865 tons and was armed with 5 x 12 pounders and 2 18 inch torpedo tubes. She had a maximum speed of 34 knots. In 1914 she was attached to the Sixth Destroyer Flotilla and was a tender to HMS ATTENTIVE.

Shortly after this she was commanded by Commander E R G R EVANS, CB, (Evans of the Broke) and was employed on the Dover Patrol until she was severely damaged as the result of striking one of the first German mines laid in the area.

HMS Mohawk number 10.


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